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Why use Rob as your agent?

I am a licensed real estate agent for the State of Colorado.  I am also an Active Duty military member.  I think the latter serves to make me a better advocate as the former.  I have been in the Air Force for almost 17 years.  In these years, I have been fortunate to serve as a communications-electronics technician, first line supervisor, quality control inspector and work center supervisor.

Additionally, I have a B.S. in Technical Management and am currently working on a Master’s in Business Administration.  After I retire from the Air Force, I intend to pursue a law degree.  My overarching goal is to be the guy you call when you need someone in your corner.

I also have direct personal experience with the real estate market, specifically distressed sales.  We bought a home in Las Vegas, NV, about six months before the market crashed.  When it collapsed in 2007, we were ultimately left with a home that had lost about 67% of it’s previous value…we were 170K underwater.   The same collapse and resulting slow economy also meant we were reduced to one income; carrying the house became an impossible task without some relief.

It took a full year but we were ultimately able to short sale the house, after taking over negotiations directly with the lenders.  It was an educational, humbling experience that put me on the path to becoming an agent myself.

I believe these work, personal and education experiences make me an effective advocate for you.  I am committed to finding you the best deal or helping you exit a bad deal with the least impact personally.

My wife and I have chosen Colorado as our permanent home; we have been here for several years and I will finish my military career here.  Though we are not native, we love this area and this state and look forward to many more years in Colorado.

My goal is to effectively and honestly represent you as the buyer, seller or renter.  I hope and look forward to working with you!

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